7-minutes vasectomy

Vasectomies are the most effective form of sterilization. A vasectomy is a common surgical procedure whereby the vas deferens – the tubes that carry sperm to the semen – are disconnected to prevent fertility. If performed by experienced surgeons, it is 100% effective after confirmation of no sperm present on semen analysis three months later. 

Vasectomies are often performed in the office under local anesthesia, or at surgery center or the hospital under IV sedation or general anesthesia. This is dependent on the comfort level of the urologist or patient’s preference. With new techniques and instruments, office vasectomy offers a very comfortable and cost effective option for patients.   

We live in the era of very high deductibles.  Men getting vasectomies are generally healthy, so they are responsible for the total costs of their vasectomy if they have not made their deductible. Office vasectomies can save you up to $5000 in hospital fees. 

How is this done?

This is the typical 7-minutes vasectomy experience: 

Take a nice shower in the morning with antibacterial soap and trim the hair in the middle of the scrotum. Take two tablets of Tylenol two hours before arrival at the urologist office.  Once you arrive, you will be placed on a comfortable procedure bed.  Bring your headphone or phone to play with, or you can watch TV if available. Your spouse or girlfriend may accompany you and hold your hand.

A numbing cream and warm towel is then placed over your scrotum for a few minutes. A surgeon will then apply cleaning solution and drapes. The vas deferens (which often feels like partially cooked spaghetti) is palpated and brought to the middle under your skin.  More anesthesia is applied using a hair-thin 30 gauge needle or a special numbing jet device. This may feel like a mosquito bite or have no pain at all. 

The vas is brought out through a small puncture. It is cut, burned and clipped (or tied). The surgeon will perform another vasectomy on the other side using the same puncture. Skin is closed with an absorbable suture or glued.  That’s it. You can drive home several minutes later.  

No surgery center fees, No anesthesia fees.
For self-pay patients we offer consultation, vasectomy, and post vasectomy semen analysis for only $980.

After Care

The rule of 3: Take it is easy for three days, apply antibiotic ointment for three days, and wear tight underwear for three days. Avoid soaking your scrotum in pools, jacuzzis or the ocean for 10 days. 

The risk of infection and bleeding is extremely low if you follow the rule of three. 

We recommend using contraception for three months and 30 ejaculations (three times a week) to allow time to clear the sperms that have already traveled past the vasectomy site.  

With the proper instruments, surgical experience and proper technique, vasectomies are truly an office procedure.


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