We offer painless office testicular prosthesis under local anesthesia

After a unilateral or bilateral testicular removal and/or for cosmetic purposes, Dr. Tajkarimi places testicle implants (artificial testis) in the scrotum of a patient. The aesthetic results can positively affect the psychological well-being and self-confidence of men who have had a testicular removal for different reasons (e.g., undescended testis, testicular cancer, etc.).

We are the only urology destination for office based testicular prosthesis placement in the Mid-Atlantic region and among a handful in the world. Insurance companies typically do not cover testicular prosthesis placement for men who did not develop a normal testicle as a child, or did not have testicular cancer or torsion.

If you have no insurance or high-deductible, we can help you to minimize the out-of-pocket costs by performing surgery in our state-of-the-art office operating suite under local anesthesia and nitrous analgesia.

Dr. Tajkarimi has extensive experience in performing penile and scrotal surgery under local anesthesia with no pain. This will save you thousands of dollars in hospital and anesthesia fees (average $12000). Many out of town patients of Dr. Tajkarimi arrive by plane through Dulles International Airport in the morning of the procedure and have the testicular implant placement and catch the afternoon flight back to their hometown. Dr. Tajkarimi uses the Torosa® implant by Coloplast. If you desire to have a testicular prosthetis (implant) by a world expert in sexual medicine, request a complimentary virtual or clinic consultation with Dr. Tajkarimi.


Testicular Implant

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