Sexual Drive as You Age

Sexual Drive as You Age

Is a Loss of Sex Drive Normal for Older Men?

As men age they may notice their sex drive decreases. This is a totally normal phenomenon and should not be cause for concern unless there are extreme circumstances. If you suspect a declining sex drive is unusual in anyway, it’s important to discuss your concerns with a doctor. In certain cases, a decreasing sex drive can be an indication of an underlying illness.

When Does It Start?

Usually men between the ages 60 and 70 will begin to notice a decrease in their sex drive. The decrease should happen gradually over time. A sudden drop off in sexual interest, however, may be cause for concern.

How Low Is Too Low?

The majority of men will often experience sexual interest well into old age. The complete elimination of a sex drive may be cause for concern, so be sure to confirm no other issues are contributing. Certain illnesses like endocrine disorders can interfere with the production of sex hormones like testosterone. Physical factors like sex hormones are vital to maintaining a healthy sex drive, therefore it’s important to verify with your doctor that you don’t have an untreated illness.


In the same vein as undiagnosed medical conditions, another factor to be aware of is the impact of medications and their side effects. Certain medications may hinder the production of sex hormones and lower the sex drive. Anti-seizure drugs, antidepressants and opioid painkillers are just a few of a long list of medications that can lower your sex drive.

Ruling Out Emotional Causes

Depression is a mental illness that often affects the older demographic. If stress and depressive feelings are affecting your daily life, they will probably begin to impact your sex drive as well. Book a visit with a mental health professional to determine if depression, stress or anxiety is the root of your symptoms.

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Sex Drive in Older Men
Sex Drive in Older Men
Sex Drive in Older Men
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